Monday, May 28, 2012

Our Neighborhood : Cocina ''La Casa De La 60''

Where we live is not unlike most neighborhoods in Mérida. Our address is considered to be in ''Centro'' but, just barely. We live in far South Centro (Hence, ''Casa Sur''). We're proud of our neighborhood and have made some good friends here. In an ongoing series, we'll tell you about some of our favorite places here.

Of course, we have many cocina economicas in our area. One of our favorites is ''La Casa De La 60''. It is just up the street from us and boy do they serve up some good food. We usually get our food ''para llevar'' (to go) but they do have a few tables where you can ''comiendo en nuestra casa'' (eat in our house), as they say. Good food and good people, come give it a try!

                                       No big sign, just a small family run business

      The name of the business and the menu are posted on the front door. Three different meals per day.

                                A peek inside, you won't find a cleaner place to eat anywhere.

The prices. 35 pesos for a full serving (entera), or 20 pesos for a half meal when you get them to go. 3 pesos for the disposable plates, but they've never charged me the 3 pesos. The prices to eat there are 40 pesos para entera and 25 pesos for the half order.

           Today Sara ordered the Tortitas de Carne with rice and a stack of warm tortillas and it was excellant.

I ordered the Pollo Empanizado, breaded and fried chicken with rice, a nice salad, and some great macaroni soup w/ chicken livers and hearts mixed in. It was very good!

Meet the good people that own and operate this fine place, from R to L, Mirium (the owner), her daughter Gisela, and the grand daughter Fatima (age 10).

They are open from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. Monday thru Saturday. They are located at the esquina of Calle 60 and 85 (or, El Iris).

I almost forgot, Sara and I ordered the 1/2 meal and it was almost more than we could eat. The total price,with tip was 60 pesos (a little over $4.00 usd, Que bueno).

They don't have drinks but, not to worry......There is ''Tienda Iris'' right next door where you can get a couple of sodas for 10 pesos!

                                                                        Buen Provecho!