Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Casa Sur – Phase 1

Usually when we make a post on our blog, Sara does the writing, we both decide on the pictures, and then I post it. However, I’ve talked her into letting me write this one.The reason I wanted to write it is because I wanted to say a few words about my wife.
We started the additions to the back of our house in April and it was finished in early September. That’s over 4 months through the hottest time of the year. Now…..Because of my job, I have to travel quite a lot so there were many days when I wasn’t there. Sara was there every day (except the few days that she went into hiding because of the jackhammer). At the start of the project she spoke very little to no Spanish.
She greeted the workers everyday with a buenos días, she told them hasta mañana every evening. She made sure every night that there were plastic containers filled with water and put in the freezer so they would have ice the next day. When she cooked more than we needed, the extra always went to the albañiles. She knows every one of their names, whether or not they are married, and how many kids they have. She knows what they like to do on their time off and what sports they enjoy. She has eaten with them, told them jokes, somehow gotten across her vision of how things should look, and when needed she scolded them. I’ve seen her laugh over this project and I’ve seen her cry. The one thing that remained constant (a rarity here in Mexico!) was the respect that she showed these men working on our home and their eagerness to return that respect and make her happy with their work. At the end of this post is a YouTube link for a video that Sara made about the construction, beginning to end. Sara had a cookout for the guys when the work was finished and presented each with a DVD of the video. You could see the pride in their eyes as they watched the video detailing the work that they had done, all by hand.
I could go on and on but I’ll stop here, I think you get the idea of how proud I am of her. And…..Her Spanish is coming along pretty darn good now.
So, without further adieu……..You might remember how the back of our home looked when we started the project:

And then, like Sara says, how it looks after we ‘’made it our own’’:

In typical Yucatan tradition, each albañili left his hand print
Sara with her albañiles



  1. Ty, so true, Sara is an amazing woman. You are pretty amazing yourself. I love you both and I am so proud of you, and so blessed to have you in my life and call you family. Miss you two and can hardly wait to visit you in your new home.


  2. It is so beautiful! I love the way your arches, columns and pool all compliment each other!

  3. Wow! I thought the before was pretty good but the after is spectacular!

  4. That's absolutely wonderful. I had no idea the end result would look quite like this! I hope I am half as successful as you've been with renovations.

  5. Absolutely gorgeous! I'm really impressed that you stayed in the house during the renovation. The details are fabulous, very nice work.

  6. It is amazing you could take any thing and make it a master piece.I wish I had 1/2 the talent you do girl.Love You

  7. Ty,I looked at the picture's before I read you Blog--You know me always a head of my self--What I have always loved about Sara she treated ever one with respect,Kindness,she a amazing woman.

  8. As always we appreciate ya'll taking the time to comment. It has been a true learning experience. We have been inspired by so many beautiful homes in Merida.Now we're going to enjoy it......before Phase 2 starts.

  9. How extraodinarily beautiful. And it is so inspiring to read about Sara's caring attitude toward the workers. Their craftsmanship on this project is stunning. Confirms what I've been told about how abaniles can do absolutely anything with concrete.

  10. You have created a beautiful and inviting addition to your home. Congratulations.


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