Sunday, November 20, 2011

Acqua Cocina Creativa

I celebrated my first birthday in Mérida and since I am twenty-nine AGAIN, Ty wanted to treat me to a relaxing and delicious birthday date. I chose Acqua Cocina Creativa. We head out for a late lunch, arriving at the restaurant about four thirty. The sun hangs low as we are graciously greeted by Fernando and shown to our outdoor table nestled under a stand of bamboo. The sidewalk dining area overlooks a quiet boulevard with several other restaurants in the area.   
Ty selects a midrange red wine and we have a choice of menus, Spanish or English, the Spanish version is much more romantic, but with the English menu we will know exactly what we are ordering! My mouth waters at the descriptive selections, it was difficult to decide given the variety of tempting appetizers and entrees.
To begin our evening feast we select a wonderfully spicy Tuna Tartare served with blue corn tostadas. Ernesto (the owner) comes by our table to say hello, he is a friendly and warm fellow who says mi casa su casa.
We enjoy the Acqua Salad of dark leafy spinach, pungent creamy goat cheese, crunchy sweet caramelized pecans and balsamic vinegar dressing.
Fernando and Mauricio place our entrees before us and the first thing we notice is the wonderful presentation, Ty has selected a creamy dish of gorgonzola cheese sauce, penne pasta and roasted tomato topped with large grilled shrimp.
  I swoon over the asparagus and bacon rice soufflé topped with slices of succulent duck breast in a dark balsamic thyme fig sauce.
The twinkling city lights, the soft breeze rustling the bamboo and our taste buds completely satisfied, Fernando tempts us with a scrumptious dessert and after dinner aperitif. We relent, not sure we have room for another bite, when the Cinnamon Almond Streusel arrives we do not hesitate to put away the entire dessert.
Chef Pablo Gomes

Lingering over our after dinner drinks, Pablo Gomes the chef who expertly prepares Maricela’s recipes, comes by our table, shaking Ty’s hand he inquires as to whether or not we have enjoyed the meal.
 Fernando and Mauricio
 Some of the staff of Acqua
Maricela has managed to carve out a comfortable dining experience with creative recipes and ample servings. Their staff’s attention to detail is impressive. We spent around a hundred dollars including tip, we had one bottle of wine, an appetizer, salad, two entrees, dessert and three aperitifs. While the restaurant decor is ultra-contemporary (not really our taste), inside can be a little noisy as it fills with people, the tables outside are relaxing and comfortable. Fernando inquires about calling us a taxi as he places our doggy bag on the table, Adie will be disappointed when we do not share.
Maricela and Ernesto have created a wonderful place to dine in our beautiful city and I believe the name of the restaurant says it all, Acqua Cocina Creativa.
Avenida 21 # 73 x 12 y 14
Colonia Mexico


  1. Happy belated birthday. That looked absolutely fantastic. The staff look so sweet and professional. Thank you for sharing; I am looking forward to reading your entire blog.

  2. Another virtual push pin goes in my google map. Thanks for the great lead!

  3. Thank you all so much for the birthday wishes, I hope you all will soon enjoy a meal at Acqua!We have eaten all over the world, the night we dined the service was impeccable and the food five star.
    Buen Provecho!

  4. Belated Happy Birthday. May you have many more 29th's.

    And thanks for the restaurant review. Will add it to our list


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