Friday, September 23, 2011

“My Merida Life”

I have been thinking about our blog. Thinking about the name we chose. Thinking of us, Our life, past, present and future. I am not sure if it has occurred to you, our readers, however one day it hit me. “My Merida Life”, a blog about one couples odyssey in a foreign land sounds singular to me! When Ty first presented the name, I jumped on it, I thought it was perfect, not realizing maybe it should be “Our” instead of “My”. We delegated the various jobs of writing, posting, etcetera according to our personality. Guess who does most of the writing and who does the detail work?
We met in July of 1974, married in July of 1976; our entire adult history has been a shared experience. We have had our difficulties, had our share of triumph and tragedy. We raised two sons and a daughter, lived in seventeen different houses and we are Grandparents to eight Grandchildren.

With most of our family in Playa del Carmen
In my mind’s eye when I think of Ty, I see the young handsome man I married. I see the proud Dad around our dinner table. I hear his dry sense of humor in observing everyday occurrences. I see my “Hunk a burnin’ love” with gray in his hair and life’s expression around his eyes.
That's right, eight grandkids.....OK, it's an older picture

This leads me to the conclusion “My Merida Life” is the perfect name for “Our” blog. If you knew us, you would totally understand. We are the epitome of opposites attract. Ty is more reserved, quiet, thoughtful, dry witted, introverted and solid. I am a never met a stranger, free spirited, impulsive, permanently distracted good-hearted women. I have always said, “Together we make one really nice whole person”.
I am not meaning to sound all sappy or paint a picture of a perfect relationship, we have our issues. It just took seeing it in print to really analyze what I always knew to be true. We are “My” not “Our”.
If “our” blog ever seems a little schizophrenic you now know why!


  1. "Together we make one really nice whole person." I like that. :)

  2. It doesn't (seem schizophrenic) and I understand exactly what you are saying. "I" often means "we", and "my" is "our." After 32 years!

  3. I go through that too, but hey, it's my blog and my thoughts. Blogs are very personal and intimate when they're at their best. "My" sets the right tone, in my opinion.

    A minister I know used to tell people in marriage counseling that a marriage is made up of three people: you, me and us. He'd understand what you're saying very well -- and probably mold a sermon out of it!

  4. Qué bonito Sara!!!!! Me hiciste llorar.

  5. Thanks ya'll (Texas word) for the kind comments.

    Bessy - Muchas gracias Bessy pero me gusta tu sonrisa mejor.


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