Thursday, September 1, 2011

Una Sorpresa (A Surprise)

Morning arrives warm and humid, over coffee Ty and I discuss our list of errands for the day. Around ten o’clock we set off with our “to do” list. We have a couple of household errands then groceries; I like to plan my errands in a circle so to speak to be more efficient.  It takes a full thirty minutes to arrive at Home Depot where we make our selections quickly and head over to Costco. Yes, it is true at least once a month we make a Costco run to buy things, which have some familiarity.  I take my time pushing my cart up and down the air conditioned aisles, before I know it my cart runneth over and I know I’ve blown my monthly grocery budget. We cram the purchases in the ice chest we keep in the back of the SUV and head up the street to a little taco stand for lunch. With our tummies full, our shopping finished and ready for a hammock siesta we head south to “Casa Sur”. We unload the groceries into the sala (front room) realizing we hear a strange sound; it is the sound of gushing water! We hurry to the back door where we stand, momentarily speechless, slowly it begins to register, we look at each other for confirmation and say at the same time “ the guys are filling the new pool with water”………. Oh, Did I forget to mention “Casa Sur” has been under construction for the last four months, in fact we broke ground April 19 just twenty days after we moved in! You know what they say ‘’ we bought the house of our dreams now we change everything………’’
Join us as we navigate the world of construction in Mexico….

Breaking ground on the new pool 19/04/2011

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  1. Sara, me encanta!!!!! Ahora tenemos que traducirlo al español! Saludos.


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