Wednesday, January 11, 2012

If It Wasn’t For Texas

It has been a year today since Ty and I pulled away from the curb of our daughter’s house in Midland, headed for Mérida. This morning we talked about time and the fact that in Texas time raced by and here in Mérida the pace is slower and much more relaxed.
I have taken some ALL IN FUN ribbin' here for the way we talk and to tell you the truth it makes me proud. In light of all the good-hearted FUN, I decided to help my new friends out and fill y’all in on a few “Texasisms”
It’s not bad grammar; it’s just how we talk in Texas.
Dun - finished “cook until dun”
Fixin’ - going to, “I’m fixin’ to cook supper”
R -  ‘’ We really miss R family’’
Sumpin’ – You gonna fix sumpin for supper?
Mera – mirror
Tal - towel
Tak’n’ta - (take-un-tuh) “ He’s tak’n’ta’ drinkin’ “
Thang – thing
Up – a state of being “she’s all gussied up” (she is dressed up) “he’s all bowed up” (he’s mad)
Nuther – another
Warsh – wash
Off - The doctor says, “He’s pretty bad off.”
In Texas it is perfectly ok to shed syllables such as: Flor’da (Florida)
You can also forget about g’s at the end of any word: goin’, comin’, fixin’, takin’.
L’s are optional, as in light bub.
You can also stretch out a word by adding several more syllables Sheeeeeeit (s#@t)
Coke is any carbonated drink.
Conniption is a fit “When she didn’t get her way she threw a conniption fit.”
Dinner is any meal other than breakfast
Supper - the evening meal
Dumber ‘n’ durt – really stupid
Prolly - probably - Prolly gonna rain today.
Id’n’it (isn’t it) - Id''n' it a purty day?
Every Texan either knows a Bubba or has one in their family that also goes for girls called Sissy.
We have both in our family (I know, but it’s the truth)
From the list, you might be safe in concluding speaking Spanish with a Texas accent is like a whole ‘nuther language. ‘Cause we talk a little slow in Texas. Por Favor sounds more like Poooour Faaaaavooooour!
If ya haven’t had enough……. here is some Texas trivia:
If you ask “How far is it to Dallas from Midland” the answer would be five hours (mileage is irrelevant we count mileage in hours)
It is a sixteen-hour drive from North to South and sixteen hours East to West.
Texas is not just oil, cotton and cowboys (or cowgirls). Today’s Texas produces award winning wine’s, olive oil and Dell Computers. Lavender and sunflower fields rival the Tuscan countryside. You can eat a Gourmet meal at The Riata in Alpine or have a perfect steak at Tom Perini’s Ranch in Buffalo Gap. You can dine on Tex-Mex in small Mom and Pop Café’s in any town or Chuy’s in Austin. You can walk the beach and dine on fresh shrimp, oysters, crab and flounder. You can row your canoe down a bayou and have a Cajun style crawfish boil or fried catfish.  For Couture’ fashion visit Dallas Market Center. If your hankerin’ to scoot a boot head over to Billie Bob’s a huge honkytonk at the Fort Worth Stockyards. You can enjoy East Texas’ piney woods and Caddo Lake with Spanish moss draped cypress trees.
You can climb a granite monolith or lazily inner tube on the Guadalupe River then dine on authentic German Cuisine. Eat the sweetest peaches from Fredericksburg in a pint of Blue Bell Ice Cream and of course the world famous Pecos Cantaloupe. You can trek around the “Caprock” in the Panhandle dropping down into Turkey, Texas, the home of Bob Will’s. You can hike the Chihuahuan Desert and visit Langtry, home of colorful Judge Roy Bean. You can visit small farming towns and cosmopolitan cities. You can visit Austin, Music Capital of the world for Texas Country, Blues and Rock and Roll or check out The Nutcracker at Bass Hall in Fort Worth. You can visit my hometown of Uvalde, home to Matthew McConaughey!  You can visit citrus groves and two international lakes. You can explore Spanish missions and see Aggie’s in action.
Ok, I could go on and on and on. Guess you can say we are proud to be Texas transplants to Mexico.


  1. I live in Alberta and I think Alberta and Texas must be cousins because we say some of those things, too. We also count distance in hours, not mileage. Folks from the Maritimes have said we speak with a "soft Texas drawl". I consider it a compliment. :-)

    1. Thanks Barb. Hows that downsizing going? Sara and I went through the house with a roll of tape and a marker pricing everything. If someone stood still too long they got a price tag on their head.

    2. Well, I don't move too quickly on projects so the downsizing is on stand-by at the moment. We still have 3 years before we retire but, even then, we're only going to be in Mexico for the winters. We're keeping our house here so I'm not in a position of having to get rid of everything we own. Still, 24 years in this house means lots of extra stuff that needs to go.

    3. I lived in West Texas for 35 years and they count distance miles in beers.

  2. They don't call it "The Great State of Texas" for nothing.
    Funny post. Thanks. Now, I'm fixin to go out and take some photos on this beautiful Virginia day.

    1. Fixin', I like it. Be sure and post those pictures. I lived a short while in Alexandria. It is a beautiful state. Ty

  3. So true, proud to be a Texan!


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