Friday, July 22, 2011

Little bundle of joy

 By now it may be apparent to you that we have a little dog, Adie alias Gringa Dog. I like to refer to her as a “late in life, only dog”. I can relate to Gringa Dog’s life as I was a later in life baby girl with siblings much older than I. Ty was adamantly opposed to having a pet, every time I mentioned it he would rattle off his list of reasons not to have a dog (sorry cat lovers but I’m allergic). So with our offspring grown and out of the house we lived our contented life with the freedom to travel, sleep in a queen size bed and walk freely around the yard barefoot. Then one day our daughter came to our house with a tiny eight week old bundle of black fur. Since she and her family obviously did not need another pet I basically took that little bundle off their hands (they would have had a hard time getting her back once I held her). Ty’s acceptance of this tiny creature was met with not just No, but Hell No! I rattled off all sorts of promises, she would sleep in a crate, I would pick up her little presents, she would go to obedience classes, and he would hardly even know she existed. She at not even a pound a half showed a feisty determination to wriggle right into the heart of her new Daddy, and she now has him tightly wound around her furry little paw.

True to my promise; she has partaken in not only obedience classes but also therapy dog training, agility and canine freestyle dance classes. She rides securely in a car seat when we travel, she is fully crate trained but sleeps between us on our new king size bed, she enjoys leisurely strolls from the security of her canine stroller and her toy basket runneth over. So you can imagine in contemplating our move to Mexico, medical care for Gringa Dog was near the top (well maybe the top) of the list.

Enter Dr. Tony, Dr. Wilson and the amazing staff of Planned Pethood (Calle 10 No. 344 x 3 y 3-C Colonia Gonzalo Guerrero. Mérida) . I am pleased to say Gringa Dog has received excellent care, grooming and boarding, and he makes housecalls. Of course being the well taken care of pooch that she is, her Royal Canine brand of dog food is sold by Planned Pethood.

Planned Pethood does not exist just to offer medical care to pampered pets; Kudos to Dr. Tony and his staff in conjunction with other organizations who offer free spay and neuter clinics throughout Yucatan, working tirelessly to reduce the dilemma of Mexican street dogs and cats through education and sterilization.
We sleep better knowing our Gringa Dog is well taken care of here in Mexico!

And she loves taking a siesta in a hammock

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