Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Run in with the law

What would I be doing now if my life had not changed so drastically? I check the weather for Midland, Texas and I know exactly what I would be doing. The aroma of stew in my big copper pot would fill the air and my well-seasoned black skillet would be steaming with golden cornbread. I would be curled on the end of my sofa cuddled up with Adie, knitting Ty’s other sock.  I sat on the terrace in the cool gray dawn, Iguanas clicking to their mates and considered the events of yesterday.
The tenants here at Casa Rosa had decided to meet for breakfast at Taco Maya, a great little expat owned café which serves up mouthwatering breakfast burritos.  I decided to walk and flag down a passing Collectivo (used primarily by locals)because I also needed to stop at the Mercado for some fruit. While this seemed like a good idea I discover the fully loaded vans race by and a blonde Gringa flapping her arms doesn’t seem to faze the drivers.
I greet other pedestrians with a friendly Buenos Dias, including a young Mayan couple with two small boys so close in size they may have been twins. I smile and tousle the hair of one, his black eyes smile back as he flashes me a toothy grin as I wipe the moisture off my brow. To my left I realize a black double cab pickup is pulling alongside me then cuts me off as it pulls onto the shoulder. The uniformed police officers greet me with Buenos Dias , using a mixture of hand gestures, Spanglish and English I explain I am meeting mi amigas for breakfast at Taco Maya, I hold up my small colorful shopping bag  Mercado, fruitas” I say.. The driver smiles and motions to the back seat, I nod as the policeman in the passenger seat exits the vehicle and gentlemanly opens the rear door. Reaching inside he begins to shift the clutter around, making room for me to sit. I climb in next to the bullet proof vests and automatic weapons, we continue our friendly conversation as I am chauffeured to El Mercado by officers Jose’ and Jose’.

Taco Maya in Chelem

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