Friday, July 15, 2011

No Events

I click “Hotmail” in the morning as pale yellow and orange swirls in the eastern sky.  My sleepy eyes scan my inbox. There it is, staring at me for another day, my email calendar “You have no events scheduled for today”.
I could change this I know. I could schedule in:
 Take Gringa Dog out for her morning business.
 Wash coffee cup.
 Check Email.
 Call Ty.
 Make bed.
Walk the beach to see what the tide washed in.
Somehow my pea brain does not need an alert for these things, so again in the morning I will see “You have no scheduled events for today”
With Ty back in the states I have been doing my needlepoint and taking in the warm Yucatan sunshine.

Yesterday I watched three graceful sailboats glide in the turquoise water. The gardener working at the house next door singing a Mayan folk song caused a smile to cross my face as I pulled a thread through the canvas.

This may be boring for some of you, not for me, the beauty is in taking in the details. Watching the changing shadows of clouds on the water, the soft rustle of palm tree fronds, the crunch of seashells under flip flops. Watching fisherman cast their nets.  Being totally amazed by the intricate weave of the cotton hammock I’m lying on.

My landlord saying to me ”I have a bubble if you would like to bob in the sea”. She’s British you know!
This is a long way from my Day Planner being attached to me like a life line. I loved those days as well, but I’ll take the hammock by the sea, thank you.

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