Saturday, July 9, 2011

A Seashore of Condoms

Sadly, Ty left this morning for 2 weeks back in the U.S.. Adie and I stood on the sand street in the dark and waited with him for the driver. I'm all stocked up on groceries and neccesitos, diet coke, smokes and coffee. At dawn I watched not one but two large white cruise ships anchor at the tip of Progreso's long pier. The Carnival is in town.

Later, Adie and I headed out for our morning beach combing. After the strong waves of the Norte the beach is completely different than a day ago. Crossing over the jetty I spied what appeared to be a bright blue condom, attached to the sand and blowing in the breeze. As I scanned the shore I could see the beach was littered with electric blue condoms.

We continued on our search for shells and sea glass, being ever so mindful of the transparent blue bulges on the beach. We walked further and explored the new mounds of shells. Adie braves the chilly water to bite at the waves as we continue our walk. Soon I bend to pick up a pretty shell, hoping it has made the journey, tumbling through the waves unbroken. The shell was broken , but resting under it was a smooth and frosty piece of turquoise sea glass. I think often we reach for something in our life but come up with something better.


Ok, back to the electric blue condoms. Come to find out they are not the result of an oversexed cruise party; they are Portuguese Man of Wars. What is a west Texas girl to think when I'm used to seeing tumbleweeds in the sand.

Beach Dog

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